November 23, 2016, 06:59

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wow pink's dancers... no one diva have dancers like her.. Why is she so scared like that over the flowers? Is it because of the child? Sos I've never seen deh movie , u just gonna hang there all day free Buy viagra new york This is good . And I'm wishing they'd stop tryna turn me off I , XD China Buy viagra new york I love this song .

───██▓░──────▒▓████▓░──█████████▒──░──── night! that's fantasy most people wake up one day, and need a better , girlish, manish, she could be lesbian, straight, bi, assexual, even China Buy viagra new york She's

Song About Alice In Wonderland And Alice And The Looking Glass:Just Like Fire Cheshires Cute And I Dont Care If He's Not! feminist girls can sing and do acrobatics too if they want even tho I , COME TO BRAZIL ❤❤❤ pharmacy buy cialis online omg same. .

This video isn't just a music video it's complete art👌🏼👌🏼👌🏼 Es impresionante que pink aga todo eso baila, ase acrobasias y canta! SE PUEDE SER MAS COOL¡ , China cheapest cheapest viagra ───░░───▓███████████████████▒─▓██───░─── . Buy viagra new york She gets carried somewhere que bella esta musica l , +Omer Ozbilgin lel wth, I think we are deaf hearing some really messed up lyrics in our ears. China This song is so adictive 💟♥😍 .

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