The Best Albums of 1963

1. Bob DylanThe Freewheelin’ Bob Dylan

2. Charles MingusThe Black Saint and the Sinner Lady

3. Pete SeegerWe Shall Overcome

4. John ColtraneImpressions

5. Duke EllingtonMoney Jungle

6. Sam CookeNight Beat

7. John Coltrane & Johnny HartmanJohn Coltrane & Johnny Hartman

8. Sandy BullFantasias for Guitar & Banjo

9. John ColtraneBallads

10. Thelonious MonkMonk’s Dream

11. James BrownLive at the Apollo

12. Jorge BenSamba Esquema Novo

13. Solomon BurkeIf You Need Me

14. The DillardsBack Porch Bluegrass

15. Duke Ellington & John ColtraneDuke Ellington & John Coltrane

16. John ColtraneLive at Birdland

17. The BeatlesPlease Please Me

18. Cecil TaylorLive at the Café Montmartre

19. John Lee HookerDon’t Turn Me From Your Door

20. The BeatlesWith The Beatles


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. Tony BennettI Wanna Be Around…

22. Jackie McLeanOne Step Beyond

23. John FaheyDeath Chants, Breakdowns and Military Waltzes

24. Hank MobleyNo Room for Squares

25. Kenny Burrell & John ColtraneKenny Burrell & John Coltrane

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