The Giraffes – We Hear Music

The Giraffes - We Hear Music - cover


I am humbled and thrilled to be able to offer the first new Giraffes record in 15 years on fourteen seconds! Chris Ballew has created a new double album using his beloved Giraffes moniker, and released it to a few fans and friends to distribute. It’s beautiful and you should download it – just click on the album cover!

Thank you, Chris!

If the download does not work for you, please try one of the following mirrors:

Insane Ian


Sally Bones

4 Responses

  1. Thanks Mike! Glad to see you spreading the music!

  2. Hello,

    Trying to download the file but when I click on the album cover it says safari can’t download this file. Is there another way?


  3. How strange, Russell! I just tried the link myself using Safari on a Mac and Chrome on a PC, and it downloaded. I’m going to try sending it to the email you used when you posted your comment. If that doesn’t work, I’ve added some mirror links at the bottom of the post!

  4. hey Mike – did you and Ian get mp3’s from CB or a wav cdr?

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